War at Home

How can we have gotten to the point that all these wars are second nature to us?

Huckabey Hooligans

It’s usually when the whole house is quiet and everyone is home that I cannot sleep.  I sit up thinking about everything around me how we got here..  Not in a figurative way, I know how I made my way up to my bed, under the covers and how my children made it to their beds and my husband found the couch.. I know all that.  I mean, how we got here.  Here in life.  How did we make it through all of that, yet still end up here?   How did we survive that?  How?  None of it makes sense.

It feels like I was just sitting in that auditorium, on Fort Drum, listening to all these people brief us on what could happen, what will happen and when.  It was just yesterday I was surround by all these people, thinking none of this applies to us, he…

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  2 comments for “War at Home

  1. Linda
    August 5, 2019 at 6:03 pm

    How have we gotten to the point where mass shootings feel normal to us? We’ve lost more of US this year to shootings here at home than we have to the war in Afghanistan. Weapons of war used on our streets to kill innocent people going about their daily lives. This is worse than War.


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