On Pins and Needles

I served on the Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee when I represented Centennial in the Colorado House.  One of the many bills we heard dealt with ear acupuncture.  The testimony, which I initially took with a grain of salt-actually, a truck load of salt-was that sticking pins in the ears of someone suffering from mental … More On Pins and Needles

12 Gallons

I made a whole blood donation again at the Lowery Bonfils location last week.  As I left, the lady at the front desk gave me my 15 gallon lapel pin.  Boy, did I ever feel dizzy after that donation!  (And, if you don’t know I’m shining you on, do I ever have a bridge in Brooklyn you’re … More 12 Gallons

The Christians.

My wife was out of town recently visiting our daughter’s family-especially our little grand daughter-in Spokane.  And, as the saying goes, “When the cat’s away, the mouse will play.”  I saw Lucas Hnath’s play, ‘The Christians‘ at the DCPA. I feared that this would be yet another heavy handed depiction of sanctimonious, knuckle dragging Christians … More The Christians.

Captains Courageous

My son-in-law’s sister, April, is married to a commercial fisherman who works in the North Pacific.  With her six month daughter in tow, she is visiting my daughter’s family here in Denver from her home in a small community on the Oregon coast.  She needs the break: her husband, Keith, left for the Gulf of … More Captains Courageous

Cognitive Dissonance

My wife and I had the fun of baby sitting our two young granddaughters the other evening while our daughter and her husband got a little time to themselves. After dinner, I suggested to my older granddaughter, Bridgette, that we toddle around the corner to see our elderly friend, Marsha.   It wasn’t a hard … More Cognitive Dissonance


My wife and I drove into Denver the other evening for a night out. As we emerged from the Alameda underpass going north on I-25,  several locomotives leading a coal train south thundered by on the tracks just to our right. As we neared Colfax, the Zuni power plant’s stacks skewered the evening sky on … More POWER POLITICS